July 7, 2021

Ways to Avoid Being Cheated in Online Poker

Online poker is popular all over the world for all the benefits it brings. For one thing, players can enjoy the game on their computer or mobile device in the comfort of their own home or other places that aren't physical casinos. For another thing, online casinos and online poker rooms offer a variety of exciting poker games and amazing bonuses that make for a fun and rewarding experience.

Ways to Avoid Being Cheated in Online Poker

Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who will take advantage of their competitors by cheating them. Here are a few ways to avoid being scammed while playing online poker.

1. Watch for Possible Collusion

Collusion is when at least two players partner secretly to increase a player's likelihood of winning. This usually happens at poker games with high limits. One way an online player colludes with another is by sharing his or her hand with another player through methods like TeamViewer or Skype.

Players should be watchful for any anomalies during the game. One possible red flag that may indicate collusion is seeing the same players moving their chips back and forth, but neither busts the other out.

2. Beware of Poker Bots

Designed to play poker, poker bots bring down a player's chances of winning significantly because of their ability to make plays or decisions based on mathematics. They are not the easiest things to spot when looking out for potential cheating in the game since they are also programmed to simulate human behavior and actions.

One indication that a player may be using a poker bot is if that player is gambling for an abnormally long time, without taking any breaks. Another possible sign of the presence of a poker bot is a player having a perfect hand almost constantly.

3. Join a Reputable Online Casino or Poker Site

Legitimate online casinos invest in all the necessities to protect their members from fraud or scams. In addition to having the appropriate licenses, they take measures to minimize the risk of cheating and to ensure a positive experience for their members.

One example is the policy of most online casinos and poker sites that limits players to only one account. This is because a person with multiple accounts on one site can pose as several different players in a game, which gives them a highly unfair advantage over other players. What's more, those with multiple accounts commit bonus fraud when they receive bonuses on each of their accounts.

4. Establish Play Limits

Practicing self-discipline and knowing when to stop playing is an important part of playing online poker safely. It's important to determine a firm stop loss in order to minimize any potential financial setbacks whether one is playing badly or suspects that he or she is being cheated. Scammers won't be able to take any more of a player's money if he or she decides to stop playing.

5. Maintain Computer Security

The use of computer viruses and key loggers by online cheaters to scam players isn't an unheard-of phenomenon. To guard against them, players might want to consider running antivirus programs on their computer. Also, they should avoid opening unsolicited attachments or any other files sent through email, Skype, and other platforms as they could contain viruses or worms.

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