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Best Online Poker

Since making its entry online in the late nineties, poker’s popularity continues to grow consistently every year among millions of enthusiasts. But what exactly makes poker popular? The game has amazing levels of entertainment that keep players coming back daily. For instance, it offers a thrilling experience to players when a flop is dealt and they get pairs of aces, or when they excel in a big bluff when taking on the cheap leads. The added advantage of generating extra income makes poker a very popular game. Players not only enjoy the game but also make some extra money.

How Poker is Played and Characteristics

Whether a player is a seasoned gamer or a novice, some crucial tips are essential if he has to play poker effectively. He should play fewer hands and play them with as much aggression as possible. A player should always make sure that he’s not the first one to limp to avoid giving the players behind very enticing pots and thus avoiding facing multiple players. A player who wants to crush poker should bluff aggressively with draws. He should also fast-play his strong hands to build the pot and make more money. Finally, he should defend his big blind with the right hands.

How to Win Poker

There is a wide range of techniques that a player can employ if he wants to win poker. Firstly, he should start by playing low-stakes poker. It helps him to familiarize himself with the nuances of the game and gives him more chances of winning in the long run. Secondly, he should learn the new tactics of playing online poker such as using the time-bank feature.

Thirdly, he should always aim at starting by playing a single table, learning how to win on a single table before jumping into multi-tabling. Lastly, he should create a distraction-free environment for playing. He should avoid diversions like watching television or talking on the phone.

Playing Poker for Fun

Online poker offers endless fun to players. The beauty of playing the game for fun is that players don't bombard their thoughts with money. Deposits and earnings are non-existent. They just derive joy in playing the game. Playing for fun does not have time constraints, hence no tension as experienced in money tournaments. The sheer absence of possibilities of losing money offers players positive emotions, which is a form of mental therapy. Most free poker games do not require players to go through the tedious registration process. Still, playing a free game for fun offers a player an opportunity to perfect his strategy on how best to win.

History of Poker

Poker traces its ancient roots to about 1,000 years ago, transcending several continents and cultures. A section of historians asserts that poker started as a domino-card game played in the 10th century by the Chinese emperor.

However, others say it originated from the Persian card game known as “As Nas,” which dates back to the 16th century. Either way, it’s closely associated with Poque, a game that emanated in France in the 17th century. Both Poque and pochen (German equivalent) have roots to the Spanish game primero that involved three cards dealt to each player, with bluffing as the main part of the game.

Why you need to understand poker before enjoying it online

Poker is a popular online game, and its imperative to how it's played, its characteristics and how to win. Delve into its history, and play it for fun

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