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Official Poker Rules

The game of poker has been played by many people for centuries. It was once a favorite pastime in America and other countries. This game is usually played by a group of people who may even bet real money.

Surprisingly enough, the rules have stayed the same over the years, unlike other games where they keep changing the rules more and more until some of them finally become a completely different game.

This article will provide the complete rules and payouts for both live poker and video poker as well as the proper way to play it.

Basic Live Poker Game Play

When playing live poker, more than one player is needed. Although playing poker digitally, only one player can play. Players sit in a circle and start with placing their bets where everyone adds the same amount to the pot. The dealer shuffles the cards up real well and then deals each player five cards. One player bets on their cards and everyone must either stay in the game by adding money to the pot or fold. Each player then takes their turn by discarding the cards they don't want and the dealer replaces them with new cards. Another bet is placed and everyone shows their cards. The best hand wins.

How to Play Digital Poker

Digital poker is usually played on a specific poker machine or on a computer. The player starts by choosing a denominator, usually between nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars. Next, players will place their bet. Most machines have a betting limit of up to 10 coins per hand, hitting the max bet button will bet the max limit or hit the bet one button to bet one or more coins at a time. The player then hits deal, then holds what they want to keep and then hits draw. Winning hands will then be paid instantly.

Winning Hands in Poker

Winning hands in poker are like a ladder where each step beats the hand below it. If nobody has anything, then the highest card wins and at the top of the ladder is the ultimate once in a lifetime (for some) Royal flush, which is basically a straight up to the ace all in the same suit. Here are the winning hands:

Royal flush

Straight flush- five cards in sequence, in the same suit

Four of a kind

Full house- Three of a kind and a pair

Flush- five cards in the same suit

Straight- five cards in sequence, any suit

Three of a kind

Two pair


High Card

Digital Poker Payouts

When playing digital poker, payouts for all machines are basically the same... give or take a few coins, with the exception of bonus games, which usually pay more for certain hands, such as four aces, two's, three's, or four's. Here is what basic payouts may look like:

Royal flush = 250

Straight flush- five cards in sequence, in the same suit = 50

Four of a kind = 25

Full house- Three of a kind and a pair = 9

Flush- five cards in the same suit = 6

Straight- five cards in sequence, any suit = 4

Three of a kind = 3

Two pair = 2

Pair of Jacks or better = 1

How to Play Both Live Poker and Video or Digital Poker

Poker is a fun game, especially when playing for real money. It can be played with a live group of players or digital on a machine or computer.


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